• "WOW! What a great new game. My family played this game over Thanksgiving and we had a blast ... it really brings out every player's unique creativity. The game is straightforward so there's no time wasted reading rules or figuring out how to play. This game is FUN, FUN, FUN!"
  • "We have had a blast with Morphology - it's a new favorite. Thanks for your creativity, because it's growing exponentially at our house."
    -Family who ordered 10 games for their holiday gifts.
  • "Our family had so much fun playing Morphology over the holidays! I ended up being the proud purchaser of two games. We thoroughly enjoyed playing! Based on what I had heard and read about the game, I was expecting it to be fun--but it turned out to be REALLY fun! (I can still see my sister trying to manipulate the little game pieces with her eyes closed.)"
    -Christine from Minnesota
  • "I played with my family over the holidays, and we all loved it!"
    -Diane from New Hampshire
  • "I come from a family of game players, my sister's favorite game has always been Pictionary®, and she's kind of crafty anyway, so this was a no-brainer Christmas present for her. She loved it! The whole extended family played it a bunch of times over the holidays, and it was a hit!"
    -Jon from Massachusetts
  • "Morphology forces you to think about everyday objects in a completely new way. It is a hysterical way to stretch your brain. And it is amazing to see how different people think about - and build - the same word."
    -Carolyn from New York


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